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Family Engagement

Register for the "Foro Latino" Family Forum - November 9, 2019 from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at South Division High School. 


You are invited to join us for Foro Latino  on Saturday Nobember  9, 2019 at South Division High School. The goal of this free family event is to connect families of students with special education needs to community resources. The event will feature a resource fair with dozens of community agencies followed by engaging workshops on a range of topics. This event is free to attend. A catered lunch and childcare is available for those in attendance. For more details check out the event flyer belowr. 

Event Flyer


Empowering Families

Families play a vital role in the education of their children. Milwaukee Public Schools provides tools for engagement between families and staff to be equal partners in supporting student achievement and school improvement. When families and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits.


What does this look like in schools?

All schools are working to meet the six standards of the MPS Family & Community Engagement framework. 

  • Schools are welcoming and culturally relevant environments.
  • Schools are connected to the community.
  • Schools have tools and knowledge needed to build relationships with families and the community
  • Families have tools and knowledge needed to be active in school.
  • Families have opportunities to build peer networks
  • Families have avenues to serve as leaders.


Why are we doing this? 

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors has set forth a goal of Student, Family and Community Engagement within MPS. This goal translates into the district strategic plan through 8 Big Ideas, one of which is to Re-envision Partnerships. Empowering families is a part of how we work to build mutually beneficial partnerships and collective impact efforts to maximize resources that promote greater student outcomes.


Strategic Partnerships & Customer Service Department

Director: Kellie J. Sigh

Family & Community Engagement  Specialist:

Darryl Hall

Phone: 414-777-7873

Department of Strategic Partnerships & Customer Service
Office of Communications & School Performance

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