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See It, Say It

See It, Say It

Milwaukee Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all schools are safe learning environments.  Children, staff, and parents all play an important role in promoting safe and responsible behavior.

We remain diligent in our efforts to keep MPS children safe. Our intent is to prevent any weapons from coming into our schools. To achieve this, we are launching a new district-wide campaign called, See It, Say It. This program is aimed at preventing the possession of weapons in schools. Parents and students are key members of the See It, Say It campaign.

All students are asked to report anything that makes them feel unsafe. To make this easier, every student will be asked to think about staff members they trust and write down two names. These staff members will be known to students as their Trusted Two. If a student sees a safety concern, he or she should contact one of their Trusted Two as soon as possible.

Parents are asked to partner with us by doing the following:

  • review the See It, Say It pledge with your child(ren) and return it to the school;
  • review the school’s Code of Conduct with your child(ren) to make sure they understand the rules about weapons; and,
  • refrain from purchasing BB guns or toy guns.

We are aware that some parents are legal gun owners. Research has shown that hiding a gun and teaching children about guns is not enough to keep children safe. Children are naturally curious and are very good at finding things adults think are well hidden. We ask you to be cautious and diligent about securing weapons and keeping them out of the hands of children.  Below are some suggestions from law enforcement.

  • Purchase a locking safe or a gun lock to secure your weapons.
  • Store secured guns out of the reach of children.
  • Store guns and ammunition in separate locations.
  • Store the keys for the gun and ammunition in separate locations.

School safety is important to all of us. Please be assured that we are actively working to keep children safe on a daily basis. Parents are valuable partners in this effort and we thank you for sharing in this responsibility. If you have additional questions, please contact your school principal. 

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