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5-year-old Kindergarten

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Art (K5)

In K5, children become aware of art. They begin to create as well as to observe art in the world.

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English Language Arts (K5)

In K5, children combine drawing, dictating, and writing to share stories, write to tell about topics, and create opinion pieces that show their likes and dislikes.

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Health (K5)

K5 children are taught the basics of caring for themselves. They are also exposed to others in the community concerned with health and safety.

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Instructional Technology (K5)

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

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Mathematics (K5)

In K5 mathematics, children focus on two critical areas: representing, relating and operating on whole numbers, initially with sets of objects and describing shapes and space.

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Music (K5)

K5 children begin their study of music with singing and learning the basics of verse and melody. They learn that musical notes represent sounds.

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Physical Education (K5)

In K5, children are encouraged to learn new physical skills. They are introduced to healthy exercise habits.

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Reading (K5)

In K5, children are being prepared for the beginning stages of reading. They connect letters to letter sounds, and learn how letters combine to make words.

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Science (K5)

K5 marks the beginning of children’s scientific discovery. They learn to observe the world in a scientific way.

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Social Studies (K5)

K5 children explore themselves as members of a diverse world.

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Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

Some areas of the five-year-old kindergarten report card include extra standards based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS).  These standards are indicated with an asterisk * on the report card.

Teachers will assess those standards using a frequency scale to show developmental progress:

  1. Seldom
  2. Sometimes
  3. Usually
  4. Always/Exemplary

This creates a transition from the K3/K4 report card, which is completely based on the WMELS, to the elementary report card which is based on national and state standards, including Common Core Standards where available.  See the academic expectations for K3 & K4 for more information on the WMELS standards.


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Early Childhood Education

Milwaukee Public Schools offers many early childhood options to provide our youngest learners with a solid foundation for lifelong learning. 

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