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Health & Physical Development

This domain encompasses a child’s emerging knowledge and practices related to health, safety, and nutrition that promote physical well-being.  

Motor Development

Moves with strength, control, balance, coordination, locomotion and endurance (Purpose and Coordination):

  • Walks up and down stairs with alternating steps

Moves with strength, control, balance, coordination, locomotion, and endurance (Balance and Strength):

  • Throws objects with strength and control
  • Walks, run, climbs, jumps, skips, and hops with control

Exhibits eye-hand coordination, strength, control, and object manipulation:

  • Coordinates eyes with hands and uses both hands with intention and purpose
  • Performing simple fine motor skills and manipulates smaller objects with increasing control
  • Uses strength and control to perform complex fine motor tasks

Uses senses to take in, experience, integrate, integrate, integrate, and regulate responses to environment:

  • Skills become more refined; acts and moves with increased intention and purpose
  • Anticipates and adjusts behavior efficiently and engages in complex skills and abstract thinking


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