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K3 & K4

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Approaches to Learning

This learning domain recognizes that a child approaches learning in different ways and emphasizes the development of positive attitudes and dispositions to acquire information.

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Cognition & General Knowledge

Cognition and general knowledge recognizes a child’s search for meaning as the basis for intellectual development.

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Health & Physical Development

Health and physical development encompasses a child’s emerging knowledge and practices related to health, safety and nutrition that promote physical well-being.

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Language Development & Communication

Language development and communication is a learning domain referring to a child developing the ability to understand and convey meaning through language.

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Social & Emotional Development

Social and emotional development in three and four-year-old kindergarten includes a child’s feelings about themselves and others, their ability to form relationships, interest in and skills needed to maintain positive relationships with adults and children, ability to understand the perspective and feelings of others, and skills needed to succeed in a group setting.

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Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

Teachers will assess the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) using a frequency scale to show developmental progress in each areas listed on the report card. This is the frequency scale:

  1. Seldom
  2. Sometimes
  3. Usually
  4. Always/Exemplary


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