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Social Studies (Grade 7)

In Grade seven, students learn about world cultures and geography of the Eastern Hemisphere. For more information see:


Students in Wisconsin will use and construct maps and other tools to collect, analyze and interpret data and locate modern geographic sites and explore global issues, such as resource allocation, pollution, environmental quality, security and economic development.


Students in Wisconsin will identify important political values as they are developed in documents of modern nations, organize information in timelines, graphs and other visual representations, and explain how literature, the arts and artifacts show beliefs and values that are passed on in a culture.


Students in Wisconsin will describe the purpose of governments and different ways they acquire power, identify forms of government and compare and contrast these forms, become aware of current events, and evaluate the concept of universal human rights and its effect on countries.


Students in Wisconsin will describe the economic development of a given nation; explain the relationship among the economic systems and the way people satisfy their wants, an demonstrate an understanding of personal finances including sources of income, money management, spending, credit and saving and investing.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will identify cultural characteristics of regions and the effects of cultural contact among societies, demonstrate understanding of role, status and social class, give examples of stereotyping, conformity, propaganda and racism, and explain how most issues encountered in social studies have no simple solution.


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