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Social Studies (Grade 6)

In Grade six, students learn about world cultures and geography of the Western Hemisphere. For more information see:


Students in Wisconsin will describe how geographic factors influenced historical events, patterns of change and daily life of various ancient civilizations, explain where and how cities develop, and use different kinds of maps and geographic resources, such as climate and population maps.


Students in Wisconsin will make a timeline of important events of an ancient and medieval civilization, identify how ancient civilizations affect the present, and explain and describe how language, literature, the arts and artifacts demonstrate beliefs and values, and contribute to cultures.


Students in Wisconsin will identify and compare various forms of government in ancient and medieval civilizations, identify social classes, describe the rights and responsibilities of individuals, and trace the development of democratic ideals and political institutions.


Students in Wisconsin will give examples of productive resources (natural, labor and capital), explain how voluntary trade improved living standards in ancient and medieval civilizations and how location, specialization and trade influenced how people earned a living.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will describe how cultures of ancient and medieval civilizations are reflected in their literature, religion, music, art and architecture, describe political and social structures, and demonstrate understanding of how issues and behaviors are viewed in different societies.


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