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Social Studies (Grade 5)

In grade five, students learn about the United States from exploration through the Civil War. For more information see:


Students in Wisconsin will develop a mental map of the U.S. and its regions, describe the reasons for continual movement of people, goods and ideas, give examples of ways people interact with and change the environment, and explain the cause and effects of immigration and migration.


Students in Wisconsin will construct a timeline of historical events and changes in the growth of the U.S., explain when, where and why groups immigrated to the U.S., identify the contributions of racial, ethnic and religious groups, analyze the impact of slavery and discrimination on the development of the nation, and describe how the concept of freedom changes.


Students in Wisconsin will describe how diverse beliefs led to colonization of the U.S. and how the nation continues to struggle for human rights, identify the documents that guarantee our rights and how they apply to daily living, explain why we need a government, and identify the three levels and three branches of government and the balance of power.


Students in Wisconsin will explain supply and demand and its influence on U.S. exploration, development and global interdependence, explain how inventions, innovations and market systems encourage economic development and identify and locate resources and products within the U.S.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will describe ways in which various cultures influence the daily lives of people, cite examples of contributions made by cultural, ethnic and racial groups, recognize the importance of multiple viewpoints, describe the values and beliefs of different groups and institutions, and identify examples of bias and prejudice and how they contribute to conflict in society.


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