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Grade 5

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Art (Grade 5)

Art education covers understanding how things are presented visually, knowing what makes beautiful art and creative problem solving. In Grade 5, children experiment with perspectives from which art is created and viewed.

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Health (Grade 5)

Health education in K5 through 8th grade includes both a personal and community approach to health care. Grade 5 focuses on the connection between health and personal habits.

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Instructional Technology (Grade 5)

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

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Mathematics (Grade 5)

In Grade 5, children learn more about using mathematical data to solve problems, including how to estimate and measure, and how to predict outcome.

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Music (Grade 5)

The music curriculum for kindergarten through Grade 8 provides children with musical understanding at a beginning to intermediate level. In Grade 5, children continue to learn how to read music. They play instruments in the classroom and participate in choir.

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Physical Education (Grade 5)

As children grow and increase their physical abilities, physical education teaches them not only how to participate in physical activities within groups, but to develop lifelong interest in both team and individual sports. In Grade 5, children learn more about how their bodies work and apply this knowledge in physical activities.

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Reading (Grade 5)

In Grade 5, children continue to extend their use of reading strategies to understand, analyze, and interpret information. They read both accurately and fluently to understand text.

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Science (Grade 5)

In Grade 5, children begin to learn basic facts that will provide the basis for in-depth study of particular areas of science.

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Social Studies (Grade 5)

In grade five, students learn about the United States from exploration through the Civil War.

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