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Social Studies (Grade 4)

Grade 4 focuses on states and regions and the state of Wisconsin. For more information see:


Students in Wisconsin will learn about geography through the study of the relationships among people, places, and environments.  They will  identify latitude, longitude, equator, hemispheres, grid, key and scale on maps and globes, develop a mental map of Wisconsin and the U.S., describe the movement of people, ideas and goods within Wisconsin and across regions and explain how people adapt to their environment, as well as use natural resources.


Students in Wisconsin will learn about the history of Wisconsin, the United States, and the world, examining change and continuity over time in order to develop historical perspective, explain historical relationships, and analyze issues that affect the present and the future.  They will show how Wisconsin’s historical and cultural events relate to those of the nation, identify what brought people to settle in Wisconsin, identify events that led to the settlement of the nation and state, and explain the history and culture of the American Indian nations in Wisconsin.


Students in Wisconsin will learn about political science and acquire the knowledge of political systems necessary for developing individual civic responsibility by studying the history and contemporary uses of power, authority, and governance.  They will explain how families, schools and other groups in the state set rules of behavior and how various behaviors promote or hinder cooperation and how citizens can participate in state government.


Students in Wisconsin will learn about production, distribution, exchange, and consumption so that they can make informed economic decisions.  They will describe a region’s economic specialization, markets, use of productive resources, and goods and services, identify and locate resources and products within the state, understand how supply and demand determine prices, and how prices affect personal economic decisions.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will learn about the behavioral sciences by exploring concepts from the discipline of sociology, the study of the interactions among individuals, groups, and institutions; the discipline of psychology, the study of factors that influence individual identity and learning; and the discipline of anthropology, the study of cultures in various times and settings.  They will explain how family, neighborhood, personal interests, languages, likes and dislikes, and accomplishments affect individual identity and development.

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