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Social Studies (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, children learn about the larger world and connect it to their lives in Milwaukee. For more information see:


Students in Wisconsin will give examples of how a community’s climate, location and resources affect the way people live and the choices they make as they interact with their environment and create mental maps and use graphs, charts and other graphic organizers to gather information about their city.


Students in Wisconsin will identify the people and the historical and cultural events that led to the development of Milwaukee and communities around the world, identify examples of freedom and justice in Milwaukee’s history, and predict social changes.


Students in Wisconsin will identify and explain the role and responsibilities of the three branches of government and identify and explain the rights, responsibilities and behaviors of a citizen within a community.


Students in Wisconsin will describe the role of money, credit, banking, budgeting and savings in everyday life, identify the productive resources and goods and services made within the city, and describe the ways people provide goods and services, why they specialize in different jobs and how this connects producers and consumers.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will investigate and explain similarities and differences in ways that different cultures in Milwaukee meet human needs and describe cooperation and interdependence among individuals and groups in Milwaukee.


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