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Grade 3

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Art (Grade 3)

Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Art and Design include the fine arts such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture; the design arts such as architecture, graphic design, product design, urban planning, and media arts; art and society areas such as mass media, popular culture, folk arts, and crafts; as well as visual literacy applications like maps, charts, graphs, diagrams, models, and scientific graphics.

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English (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, children expand their writing skills by creating a variety of writing selections and applying correct grammar and spelling. They learn keyboarding skills and use computers for research, and share their findings both orally and in writing.

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Health (Grade 3)

Health education in K5 through 8th grade includes both a personal and community approach to health care. In Grade 3, children continue to connect their own health with that of the community. They look at messages the community gives and receives about health.

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Instructional Technology (Grade 3)

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

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Mathematics (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, children begin learning multiplication and division. They continue working with geometric shapes and the collection of data.

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Music (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, children explore different instruments as they continue to learn about rhythm, melody and harmony.

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Physical Education (Grade 3)

The overall goal of physical education in K5 through Grade 8 is to develop awareness of the importance of physical activity. In Grade 3, students learn good sportsmanship as they challenge themselves in different physical activities.

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Reading (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, children will continue to apply word attack and comprehension strategies to read increasingly difficult text across content areas. By the end of third grade, children are expected to be fluent readers capable of reading more lengthy text.

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Science (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, scientific exploration leads to a deeper understanding of scientific principles and the world.

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Social Studies (Grade 3)

In Grade 3, children learn about the larger world and connect it to their lives in Milwaukee.

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