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Social Studies (Grade 2)

Grade 2 children learn about diversity in neighborhoods. For more information see:


Students in Wisconsin will explore and describe the community around them and how physical and human processes affect the land and living things and use and construct simple maps of the school and neighborhood.


Students in Wisconsin will identify and interpret past and present contributions of people, places and things within their community and use timelines and graphic organizers to show personal and community events in the order in which they happened.


Students in Wisconsin will define and demonstrate the idea of citizenship and the role of a citizen within the community and explain and demonstrate how various groups within the community develop, enforce and change rules of behavior.


Students in Wisconsin will recognize how the existence of scarcity versus limited productive resources means people must make economic choices and describe the role of money, credit, banking and saving, resources and products, goods and services, and careers.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will investigate and explain similarities and differences in the ways that cultures meet human needs and the contributions made by individuals within each culture.


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