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Social Studies (Grade 1)


Students in Wisconsin will use words related to a map, map key and globe to identify major features, such as land masses and bodies of water, and the directions of east, west, north and south and explore how people adapt to the seasons, climate and natural resources to meet basic needs.


Students in Wisconsin will use historical artifacts, documents and photos to make observations and connect history and cultures to their family, neighborhood and beyond and read charts and graphs that depict change.


Students in Wisconsin will describe and apply the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the family, school and neighborhood, and the roles, rights and responsibilities of authorities within these settings.


Students in Wisconsin will identify and describe jobs within the family and classroom and the ways people can earn and save money to satisfy economic wants.

Behavioral Sciences

Students in Wisconsin will identify and explain differences and similarities in homes, classrooms and communities and how cultures influence our neighborhoods and everyday life.


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