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MPS staff roll up their sleeves for a good cause

MPS staff roll up their sleeves for a good cause

Thank you poster for Blood DriveMore than 45 MPS employees participated in the August Blood Drive at MPS Central Services on Thursday, August 7. In addition to 32 return MPS employees donating blood, 16 people signed up as first time donors at the drive.

Blood type donations comprised of 5.8% O+, 3.3% O-, 41.9% A+, 9.7% A-, 12.9% B+, 3.2% AB+ and 3.2% were AB-.

Thanks to the kind donations from everyone, 144 patients and their families will have another smile, another hug and more importantly another chance at life.

MPS would like to thank everyone that registered for the blood drive, the Blood Center of Wisconsin Staff, donors, the Office of Finance, volunteers and the coordinators of the blood drive.

For more information regarding prospective blood giving, volunteer opportunities or other questions visit the Blood Center of Wisconsin website.

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