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MPS educator publishes article on bullying

MPS educator publishes article on bullying

An article written by MPS Curriculum Specialist Brett Fuller and two former MPS colleagues was recently featured as the cover story in Strategies – A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators.

In their research for the article Bully Prevention in the Physical Education Classroom, the trio discovered that 50% of MPS students reported that bullying occurs in their classes, and that it occurred most often during team sports. Fuller says physical education educators should be aware of the activities that could unintentionally promote bullying.

Fuller, Curriculum Specialist for Health, Education and Safe and Supportive Schools, says that a systematic, schoolwide approach is most effective to address bullying and that physical education teachers are in a unique position to indentify problems. “Physical educators are in an optimal position to teach and reinforce social-skill development in students because students are engaged in cooperative play, group work and problem-solving activities,” according to the report.

Fuller was recently named president-elect of Wisconsin Health and Physical Education, a state association, and will lead the organization as president beginning in Fall 2014.

Read the full article here.

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