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Makeover at Michigan and 8th

With about 175 gallons of paint, the façade of the MPS building originally called Eighth Street School got a facelift this summer. The oldest MPS building still being used as a school, the building now houses MPS’ Project STAY High School and the New School for Community Service.

Diane Colon-Rosado, Project STAY principal and building manager, picked the blue hue so the school would stand out among a cluster of banks, insurance and utility companies, and Milwaukee’s Central Library. Blue is also the school color of Project STAY.

In addition to the painting and masonry projects on the exterior, the MPS Division of Facilities and Maintenance Services has also been working to spruce up the interiors. See photos of the renovation – and a shot of the building from the early 1800s.

The renovations are part of Principal Colon-Rosado’s plan to create an environment that motivates and inspires success. Beyond the building, she is making the rounds to visit and build relationships with the community members.

  8th Street Historic Photo      8th Street School Today

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