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  When does the program begin?

Intensive coursework begins in June at Cardinal Stritch University.

  How much does a teacher get paid?

Starting teacher salary in Milwaukee Public Schools is $41,000 + benefits.

  How much will this cost?
  • Graduate tuition rate for teacher licensure is $535 per credit (licensure completed in 1.5 - 2 years)
  • Minimum licensure credits required range from 35 to 40 credits, depending on program (bilingual licensure may require some additional credits, depending on individual circumstances)
  • 35-40 credits= $18,725 to $21,400, plus student fees paid each semester (tuition and fees are subject to change)
  • For the master’s degree coursework (6 to 9 credits, depending on specific program) in Year Three, Residents will be billed at the graduate tuition rate for that academic year
  Is financial aid or other funding sources available?

Financial Aid opportunities are available to those who qualify.

  Is there a penalty for not completing the four-year program?

Financial consequences exist for early exit from program.

  Will I have access to health insurance?

Yes. As an MPS employee, you are eligible for benefits.

  I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who should I contact?

Questions may be directed to:

  • Milwaukee Public Schools - 
  • Cardinal Stritch Univeristy -
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