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Project METRO Alternative Certification Program

Be the one to make a difference – one classroom at a time

An innovative approach to urban teacher preparation


PMAC an innovative teaching certification program specifically designed to address areas of need within Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). In partnership with Cardinal Stritch University, an intern combines a two year, teaching experience with support from a selected Professional Educator (Coach) with master’s-level coursework. Interns pursue certification at the high school level in:  mathematics, science, or special education, or at the elementary level in: special education. The Interns then have an opportunity to earn their master’s degree through Cardinal Stritch University. The candidates are strategically selected to fill hard to staff schools in areas of identified need. Interns must commit to the program for four (4) years and be dedicated to the students of MPS.

Mission: To prepare and sustain a cadre of highly effective and highly committed urban teachers dedicated to accelerating student achievement within Milwaukee Public Schools.

Vision: A highly committed and effective teacher for every child.

What is PMAC?

PMAC is a post baccalaureate program where:

  • Interns have a commitment to urban education.
  • Interns teach in a ‘hard-to-staff’ MPS school.
  • Interns pursue a certification in the content areas of:  mathematics, science or special education.
  • Teaching certification and master’s degree are earned through Cardinal Stritch University (tuition rates apply).
  • Interns teach for two years with full teacher salary and benefits while taking coursework at Cardinal Stritch toward certification.
  • Teaching certification is earned after three semesters of the program. Additional coursework is necessary beyond three semesters for bilingual certification.
  • Interns pledge a four year commitment to MPS (financial consequences apply for early exit of program).

Pre-requisites are:

  • Commitment to urban education and a passion for teaching the students of Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Completion of a three (3) stage application and selection process


Phone: 414-267-5080

PMAC and Placement Specialist:
Cathy Gorski

Stritch Admissions
Kirsten Brown


You must apply to both MPS and Cardinal Stritch University:

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