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Paraprofessionals, Parent Coordinators and Children's Health Assistants

male paraprofessional with studentCandidates for paraprofessionals and parent coordinators are required to have completed no less than 48 college credits or passed the ParaPro Assessment administered by MPS (upcoming). Additional requirements include:

  • All MPS paraprofessional, parent coordinators and children’s health assistants are required to hold a valid 5 year-Special Education Program Aide License.
  • Newly hiredparaprofessional, parent coordinators and children’s health assistants are required to apply for the license no later than 60 days from hire date.

The Special Education Program Aide License Request Form and instructruction will be provided by the Licensing Specialist.

If you are interested in applying for a paraprofessional, parent coordinator, or a children's health assistant position, visit our Paraprofessionals webpage that discusses the hiring process for these positions. Please also review the DPI hiring requirements for more information.

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