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smiling teacher with two elementary studentsBecome a Licensed Teacher

Do you have a bachelor’s degree? Learn how to transform your education into a rewarding teaching career.

Are you thinking about starting college, or do you have some college credits? Read more about selecting a college pathway to earn your degree and teaching credentials.

Nationwide, teachers are in demand. Start your journey toward a career helping children and youth develop their full potential!

Candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree: Complete an approved teacher or pupil services preparation program. Pathways to Licensure page for more information. Click on Initial Teacher Pathways and review option #2 for the Post Baccalaureate Pathway.

paraprofessional helping high school studentCandidates with a Subject Area Bachelor’s Degree: : Is your major in the subject area you would like to teach? Earn a teaching license through an Alternative Route program. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Pathways to Licensure page for more information. Click on Initial Teacher Pathways and review option #3 for the Alternative Route Program.

Candidates with a High School Diploma or Some College Credits: Enroll in an accredited institution of higher learning to complete a bachelor’s degree along with requirements to earn a teaching license. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Pathways to Licensure page for more information. Click on Initial Teacher Pathways and review option #1 for the Bachelor’s Degree Pathway.

Requirements for Candidates Earning a Teaching License

Milwaukee Public Schools hires unlicensed teaching staff who meet specific requirements and are pursuing a teaching credential

  • Maintaining enrollment in an EPP or an approved alternative route program is required until the completion of all licensing requirements.

  • Unlicensed new hires should be accepted into an approved educator preparation program (EPP) seeking the specific licensing in the subject or area in which they have been hired. If not already enrolled in an EPP at the time of hire, new hires will be given a deadline no later than the end of the first school semester in which they were hired to produce evidence of admission in the form of an enrollment letter from the institution or alternative route program.

  • brother you're on my mind eventUnlicensed teachers or pupil service employees are required to complete the licensing process to obtain the One-Year License with Stipulations maintaining a status of licensure compliance with both the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and Milwaukee Public Schools. This process includes providing information and documentation to the Office of the Licensing Specialist; submitting an application and application fee to DPI to obtain the license; and maintaining communication at all times with the Licensing Specialist and/or their assistant.

  • If, at any time, the unlicensed teacher or pupil service employee changes to a different EPP or alternative route program, they must notify the Licensing Specialist immediately and provide a new letter attesting to their enrollment.

  • No less than 6 credits must be completed during a school year when enrolled in an approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP). If enrolled in an approved alternative route program, the teacher will complete program requirements as instructed and provide the Licensing Specialist with a letter of adequate progress each school year.

  • All unlicensed teachers are limited to no more than three (3) schools years in which to complete all program requirements. Renewals of the One-Year License with Stipulations required during each of those school years are not automatic and are only requested by MPS if adequate progress has been made during the preceding school year. Adequate progress includes but is not limited to: Enrollment in an approved EPP or alternative route program; completion of no less than 6 credits during the previous school year; attempting to pass the required testing during the previous school year (if coursework is completed and only testing requirements remain); and adequate job performance in the classroom.

Click on a link below for the job you are interested in to get started:

In Wisconsin, all teachers must obtain the appropriate license under §121.02. Milwaukee Public Schools adheres to the Wisconsin Education Standards set by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

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