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Substitute Teaching

Job Description

A Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) substitute teacher provides an instructional program for students which is appropriate to their educational needs and developmental level.  The educational program is offered in an equitable, multi-cultural setting and teaches all children to think deeply, critically and creatively.  The substitute teacher supports the MPS strategic plan.

  • Maintains a broad knowledge of all facets related to the teaching assignment as related to the subject and grade level of the students.
  • Uses research-proven practices to improve student achievement.
  • Implements Board policies as necessary to improve the educational environment.
  • Plans and organizes material for instruction and presents and reinforces lessons as appropriate.
  • Addresses different learning modalities, including auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
  • Uses appropriate classroom management strategies and relates well to the student population.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

substitute teacher working with a small group of elementary school studentsQualifications

  • Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Additionally, applicants must:
    • Currently hold a Valid Short-Term Substitute License OR
    • Currently hold a Valid Teacher License

How to Apply

The position for substitute teaching is posted at various times throughout the year.  When it is posted, you will find it at

Substitute Teacher Incentive

Becoming a substitute has great benefits.

MPS will offer a monthly substitute teacher incentive to all eligible day-to-day substitute teachers in the district. Substitute teachers who accept and report for assignments on 90% of student attendance days in a month will receive an additional taxable payment of $500 per month.

 Learn more about the substitute teacher incentive.


male substitute teacher working with two elementary school studentsAll Substitute Teachers who have never held a teacher license issued by DPI must show evidence of completing an approved Substitute Teacher Training and apply for the 3-Year Short-Term Substitute Teacher License.

Any retired teacher who previously held a DPI granted teacher license can apply for a 5-Year Long-Term Substitute Teacher License for the same subject and grade levels.

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