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Employee Wellness

At Milwaukee Public Schools, we know our employees work hard. Each day brings new challenges and our employees must be energetic, innovative, and resilient in order to rise to the occasion. That is why MPS is committed to providing employees with a suite of Employee Wellness programming. These programs are designed to keep employees healthy, happy, and engaged with little or no out of pocket cost!

Healthy Contributions

 Earn a $20 monthly reimbursement toward your gym membership fee based if you attend 10 visits per month.  Gyms in our network may include:

  • YMCA (all locations)
  • Wisconsin Athletic Club (all locations)
  • Xperience Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Elite Fitness & many more!

Wellness For You

Wellness for You is a menu of free resources available to employees on an individual basis who find they need assistance in a specific area of their life. Some of these programs may include:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Legal Aid/Financial Consult
  • Mental health counseling
  • Livestrong Cancer Survivors support group

Wellness On Site

Wellness On Site is a menu of physical, emotional, and professional wellness programming offered on site and at no cost to our employees. Some of these programs may include:

  • On Site Group Exercise (Yoga, Zumba, Boot Camp, etc.)
  • Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Seminars: Workplace Communication, Respect in the Workplace, Investing 101, Retirewise, Benefits 101, Living Tobacco Free, etc.
For more information on these options, please email Jeanetta De Leon,


Phone: 414-475-8556

Human Resources Department of Benefits:  Jeanetta De Leon

MPS Employee Wellness proudly partners with:


Student Wellness

The Wellness and Prevention Office supports the physical, social, emotional, and academic development of all students.

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