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Employment Relations


The Employment Relations Department provides strategic direction in the area of employment law and general employment matters. As a department, we maintain and administer the MPS Employee Handbook including facilitating the grievance and complaint process. Employment Relations provides consultation and training to administrators on employee discipline and general employment matters. We maintain effective communication with existing bargaining groups and are responsible for annual bargaining. Additionally, criminal background checks are cleared through our department.

Employee Handbook

Download the most recent Milwaukee Public Schools Employee Handbook:


The purpose of the complaint procedure is to provide a method for prompt and full discussion and consideration of matters of concern that do not fall under the category of harassment, discrimination, or bullying and which cannot be processed through the grievance procedure.

All employees may file written complaints with the Employment Relations Department. Complaints should be filed within ten workdays of your inability to resolve the concern with your supervisor or your knowledge of the concern. For additional information regarding the complaint procedure please see the Employee Handbook.


The purpose of the grievance procedure is to provide an efficient and fair method for resolution of disputes related to employee termination, employee discipline, and workplace safety issues. Only regularly appointed employees who have passed probation, as well as substitute teachers, may utilize the grievance procedure. Grievances should be filed within 15 workdays of termination, receipt of discipline, or inability to satisfactorily resolve a workplace safety issue with your immediate supervisor. For additional information regarding grievances, including timelines, definitions, and procedural outlines please see the Employee Handbook.

Please note that employees have the right to bring a grievance to the District's attention without reprisal. Filing a grievance will not adversely affect your employment status with Milwaukee Public Schools.


Employment Relations

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