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Bids & RFPs

Bids & RFPs

MPS no longer posts solicitations for Bids and RFPs on the MPS portal. The District now uses the site "Bonfire" exclusively to accept digitial submissions for Bids and RFPs, and no longer accepts phyiscal or emailed responses to our solicitations, unless otherwise listed on this page. Vendors are asked to register on Bonfire and the City of Milwaukee E-notify sites if they wish to receive email notifications of Bids and RFPs issued by Milwaukee Public Schools. The links below takes you to the Bonfire site and the City of Milwaukee's E-notify site.

Bonfire allows vendors to select NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes which will be for the specific products and services for which you provide in order to receive notification of open Bids and RFPs. You can enter this site as often as you wish to change your NAICS codes and vendor information, if necessary. Please be sure to keep your registration information current by checking back often to update your email address, mailing address and other contact information, if necessary, to ensure you are able to maximize the benefits of Bonfire.

Please read the Bid and RFP documents and all terms and conditions applicable to the solicitations carefully before submitting your Bid or RFP, and be sure to check Bonfire periodically for any addendum that may affect your response. Responses are due on the date and time stated with no exceptions. MPS looks forward to receiving your response.


Go to Bonfire


Go to E-Notify


MPS will not sign vendor's contracts or forms. All bids and RFPs submitted must be electronically signed by the vendor on the appropriate MPS form provided.

Terms and Conditions

Please Note: All MPS Bids and RFPs incorporate Terms and Conditions. By signing and submitting a Bid or RFP, the respondent agrees to provide the items or services subject to the Terms and Conditions.  The terms and conditions linked here do not apply to E-Rate RFPs.





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Milwaukee Public Schools E-Rate information.

Information Sessions for Vendors

Information-based sessions for vendor's to learn about doing business with Milwaukee Public Schools.

Registration for Bonfire & E-notify

Information for Milwaukee Public School vendors on self-registration to receive and submit bid and RFP solicitations for the district.

RFP/RFB notification and submission tutorial

The session focuses on navigation and submission of bid/proposal materials using the MPS procurement platform, Bonfire.

Tabulations & Awards

Milwaukee Public Schools tabulation results for bids and RFPs.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for vendors wishing to do business with Milwaukee Public Schools.

Vendor Forms

Forms of interest for vendors doing business with Milwaukee Public Schools.


Phone: 414-475-8880
Fax: 414-475-8387

Office of Finance
Department of Procurement and Risk Management


The Department of Procurement Services is responsible for bids, RFPs and contracting services. 

If you are looking for bidding of construction, repair and maintenance contracts, visit the FMS contractors page

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