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Take our Family and Community Survey

Milwaukee Public Schools wants your input! Take our Family and Community Survey here! 

As part of strategic planning for the school years 2023–2028, the district invites students, families, staff, and community members to voice their opinions by taking a district survey.  

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the school district launched a series of surveys. The information collected will help MPS identify priorities and performance targets over the next five years. Some survey participants will have the opportunity to participate in focus groups later in the year. 

“MPS already offers the most robust network of academic and career readiness programs in the state,” said Dr. Keith P. Posley, MPS Superintendent. “Now we are looking for input to help us prioritize how to expand and better deliver these vital programs. As the success of MPS students and families contributes to the success of the entire community, I invite all Milwaukee residents to share their thoughts through our surveys.”  

The 2023 – 2028 MPS Strategic Plan will be aligned to the three main goals set by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors: Academic Achievement; Student, Family and Community Engagement; and Effective and Efficient Operations. The Plan will include accountability measures and annual performance targets for each year the Plan is in place.   

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is currently available Spanish. It will be available in other languages by the end of the week.  

Students will take a separate survey in school. 

Staff will take a separate survey. That link will be provided to them by the district. 

Responses are confidential. The survey will remain open until February 10, 2023. 

Thank you in advance for taking part! 

Office of the Superintendent

Dr. Posley

Dr. Keith P. Posley is Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools. 

As Superintendent, Dr. Posley works with the Milwaukee Board of School Directors and district leadership to improve student achievement; engage in effective and efficient operations that make best use of district resources; and, develop opportunities to increase parental and community involvement.

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