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Esmeralda Tovar

Esmeralda Tovar

Aspiring researcher off to Madison: Esmeralda Tovar

Esmerelda Tovar is an MPS Class of 2014 graduate and part of the Start, Stay, Succeed campaign.

Esmerelda Tovar hopes to conduct research in her own laboratory one day – and the graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools’ Audubon Technology and Communication Center High School is already taking the next step to get her there.

Tovar, a Wisconsin Covenant scholarship recipient, is headed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study biomedical engineering.

She started her educational career at MPS’ Forest Home Avenue School and continued her education at Audubon Technologyand Communication Middle School before going on to Audubon High School.

“As a freshmen at Audubon, my citizenship teacher shaped me the most. In class, he treated us like college students with assignments, group projects and homework that forced me to think and look at issues from a variety of different angles. I liked that,” Tovar said.

Any smaller school would have its advantage, she noted, but Audubon went above and beyond.

“Teachers cared so much and motivated each student to reach his or her maximum potential!” the Audubon grad said. She said she appreciated staying at the same campus in the transition from middle to high school, where teacher and school leaders knew the students and families.

One educator in particular – Audubon teacher and adviser Dr. Vannoy – had the greatest impact on Tovar’s MPS educational career.

Now that she is off to pursue higher education and her goal of researching in her own lab and starting a family, Tovar says the best advice she can give those coming up behind her is simple: “Hard work does pay off, so keep working hard and never give up!”

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