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Dannielle Rogers

Dannielle Rogers

DanielleDannielle Rogers knows she wants to work as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

She is well on her way after completing the Certified Nursing Assistant Program at North Division High School, an initiative of the Academy of Health Sciences, which partners with Project Lead The Way courses including biomedical science, human body systems and medical inventions.  The academy’s curriculum is designed to introduce students to careers in health care. 

Rogers, a junior, found a career direction after taking college-level Advanced Placement classes and getting involved in the Jobs for America’s Graduates program, which helps students connect their interests with a potential profession.

“I didn’t really know what career I wanted to pursue after completing high school, but the JAG program changed that,” she said.  “The program shows you different possibilities in nursing and it got me interested.”

Rogers has an interest in health sciences but also excels in English and enjoys writing.

“I really like English and writing because it gives me the freedom to express myself,” she said.  “Sometimes when I talk, I can’t always get everything out I want to say, but through writing, everything I want to say just flows.”

For Rogers, her next stop after high school is college. She also hopes to work part-time as a certified nursing assistant while earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

While undecided where she will attend college, Rogers knows continuing her education is in her future and hopes other students that follow her always pursue their dreams.

“Stay focused, be a leader and strive to be the best,” Rogers said.

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