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Brianna Christian

Brianna Christian

Brianna Christian is an MPS Class of 2014 graduate and part of the Start, Stay, Succeed campaign.

The fear of something you don’t understand can, sometimes, be more daunting than the subject itself.

But Brianna Christian, a graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools’ Alexander Hamilton High School, overcame her fear of mathematics in a big way.

Now she plans to teach it.

The Hamilton grad is headed to Lawrence University in Appleton to study mathematics education. In five years, she plans to teach in MPS. Her ultimate goal: to become a college professor.

Christian started her education at 35th Street School, now part of the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education, a K4-12 school in the Hampton Heights neighborhood on the Milwaukee’s northwest side.

She says facing her fear of not understanding math – only to succeed in the subject – is one of the greatest challenges she took on in her educational career.

Asked about the most impactful teachers during her MPS education, Christian, perhaps not surprisingly, pointed to a math teacher: Ms. Sliwinski.

Her advice to current students?

“Never give up,” the Hamilton grad said. “Hold true to your goals.”

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