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Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison: Co-Owner, Rishi Tea

MPS Rufus King International High School Class of 1991

When Ben Harrison was selecting a high school, he wanted a school that offered more than just great athletic teams or a school all his friends wanted to attend. Harrison wanted a high school that would challenge him academically and prepare him for college. It came down to two schools for Harrison – Milwaukee Public Schools’ Rufus King International High School or Marquette University High School.

After weighing the pros and cons, Harrison chose King. His decision was driven by one simple, but powerful fact: Rufus King has one of MPS’ International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, recognized for academic rigor with a long track record of exceptional student preparation for college and the world beyond. It was exactly what Harrison, a co-owner of Rishi Tea in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood, wanted.

“The IB program was terrific,” Harrison explains. “The teachers helped me understand what I was capable of doing.” Harrison continued, “Teachers challenged me and I didn’t want to fail to live up to their expectations of me.” Harrison excelled at meeting those challenges. He was admitted to Bowdoin College, a nationally renowned liberal arts college in Maine that attracts students from highly-competitive prep schools from around the country.

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