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Batala Colber-Moore

Batala Colber-Moore

Batala Colber-MooreBatala Colber-Moore always is up for an academic challenge.  It’s why she enjoys taking Advanced Placement statistics at Harold S. Vincent High School. 

“The challenge of the AP statistics class gets my mind going more,” said Colber-Moore, a senior at Vincent.

Vincent is one of 20 Milwaukee Public Schools high schools offering Advanced Placement course work.  The program was created by the College Board, which offers college-level curriculum and exams to high school students. 

AP classes are generally recognized to be equivalent to undergraduate college classes.  Participating colleges and universities grant credit to students who earned qualifying scores on AP exams. 

Colber-Moore appreciates the teaching environment at Vincent and how teachers ensure students understand material before moving forward.

“It helps you to get better organized and be a better student,” she said.  “The AP courses also are helping me move forward in my college career.”

Colber-Moore aspires to be a nurse and has already been accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee but also is considering Marquette University.

Colber-Moore said her MPS education has given her confidence.

“Never give up and keep moving forward because there is something out there for everyone,” she said.

Find out more about the Advanced Placement program at MPS.

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