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Referendum Priority Survey

Referendum Priority Survey

Milwaukee Public Schools is committed to a districtwide culture of equity that increases access and opportunities for our students, families, staff, and the community. To that end, MPS continues to seek community input to help prioritize possible referendum resource allocation to best meet the needs of students. Community input thus far has helped to identify the following categories of need:

  • Providing more high-quality early childhood education.
  • Attracting and retaining certified educators to stabilize the workforce and the classrooms.
  • Providing more supportive services such as school counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and special education that are essential to a quality K-12 education.
  • Increasing opportunities for students to participate in library services, art, music, and physical education.
  • Expanding access to advanced educational opportunities such as world language programs, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework—along with ethnic studies, bilingual, language immersion, and Montessori programs.
  • Ensuring students have access to high-quality comprehensive career and technical education.
  • Reducing class sizes.

Through this survey, we are asking your input in ranking these priorities from 1-7 with 1 being the highest priority.

Give us your feedback by taking the survey today.

Thank you for your participation.

Downloaded copies of the Referendum Priority Survey can be returned to Milwaukee Public Schools via email at or by U.S. mail at Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum Feedback, 5225 West Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208.

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