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03-15-22 “NEW” Milwaukee Public Schools Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Dear Milwaukee Public School Employees and Family Members: 

MPS will soon be offering an expanded EAP benefit through FEI Workforce Resilience, an AllOne Health company. We will soon be rolling out additional information about this important benefit available to you and your family, that can make a difference in life. 

At one time or another, most of us will face a personal problem or family care issue that impacts the quality of our home life, relationships, health or ability to do our best at work. Most of the time, we can work these things out ourselves but, at times, we could benefit from some professional, objective guidance.  

MPS has partnered with FEI, a national leader in Employee Assistance Program services, which is headquartered right here in Milwaukee. FEI brings an expanded network of counselors locally, as well as across the country, along with additional benefit offerings.

Help through your EAP is:

  • Professional—You have access to highly skilled, licensed, professional counselors and work-life specialists at no cost to you. 
  • Convenient—Counselors with flexible hours are available virtually or near your home or workplace. Referrals for work-life services are also made to local resources. 
  • Confidential—Your right to privacy is fully protected by law and MPS policy. No one at work or outside of work will know if you use the EAP and/or Work-Life Services. 

MPS is pleased to offer these new benefits to you and your family effective April 1, 2022. It represents a commitment to making our organization a healthier place to work and to helping all of us achieve our full potential—both personally and professionally. 

The Employee Assistance Program Benefits document provides an initial peek at this expanded benefit.

We will communicate additional information as we approach the start date, so that you are aware of how to contact FEI via their toll-free number or the new Member Portal and App website.

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