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Internet Resources for Families

MPS Coronavirus updates graphicBelow are some resources that may assist families in obtaining Internet access. If your current home Internet or mobile phone provider is not listed, please check to see if they have any offers to support customers during the pandemic.

A helpline for families needing assistance with Internet or phone services during COVID-19 is staffed by the Public Service Commission. A staff member can discuss options available in their areas and discounts. Please call the Public Service Commission Internet and Phone Helpline at 1 (608) 267-3595.

The Education Superhighway has an online tool to assist families with special offers for Internet in their area. Please visit DigitalBridgeK-12 and enter your ZIP code for additional information.

The Wisconsin Department of Instruction has many resources available to assist with staying connected during COVID-19. Listed on this page is a Wi-FI Map with over 650 emergency Wi-Fi locations, Internet offers available to K-12 students and portable access offers by cell phone carriers. Please visit the DPI Broadband website for additional information.

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