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2019 STEM Fair Recap

2019 STEM Fair Recap


Staff: In order to view this video while on the MPS network, you will need to visit this link AND login to YouTube (using your MPS Google account) in order to have unrestricted YouTube access.  This can be done by logging in near the top right corner of the YouTube landing page. If you have questions on accessing your MPS Google account, please contact Tech Support at 414-438-3400.

Check out Milwaukee’s future scientists and engineers!!! ������‍������‍����

This year’s MPS STEM FAIR at Discovery World featured more than 400 students from 42 schools presenting their projects which were divided into three categories:

- Science inquiry
- Engineering design
- Research study

The 2019 MPS STEM Fair was made possible by numerous community partners, about 130 judges, and 50 volunteers.

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