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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The 2023 – 2028 Strategic Plan 

MPS is entering the second year of the 2023–28 Strategic Plan. The district is embarking on a new survey and a series of meetings to gather your feedback about the district!

Community & Family Survey

Please take our Community & Family survey to share your thoughts about key initiatives:

MPS’s Areas of Strategic Initiatives and Measures

MPS has used the information collected to identify critical areas to be addressed in our strategic plan for the 2023–2028 school years.

MPS Strategic Plan Pie

Key strategic initiatives and special projects were identified. Each team reviewed multiple data sources and completed a root cause analysis and needs assessment to determine strategies that must be implemented to meet our targets. The five-year timeline was developed and a 2023–2024 action plan was created for each strategic initiative.

You can view the five-year timelines for each strategic initiative and action steps in 2023–2024:

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Engagement in the Strategic Planning Process

MPS engaged students, families, staff, and members of the community to inform the development of the 2023–2028 Strategic Plan through conducting surveys and holding multiple community feedback sessions.

About Our Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Plan Survey Results

Community Feedback Sessions in April

Community feedback sessions were held in April. These public meetings were an opportunity to learn more about the findings and about the draft of the strategic plan. The feedback collected at the meetings will help finalize the new strategic plan, which will be launched in July 2023. You are welcome to provide additional feedback.

About the Strategic Plan

The 2023–2028 Strategic Plan will support MPS’s Five Priorities for Success.

The plan will include accountability measures and annual performance targets.

The plan, which is outlined in the policies of the Office of Board Governance of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, will guide the district’s overall improvement plan.

The plan, which is being drafted with input from all MPS offices, will align with the Baldrige Excellence Framework to enhance the district's performance through innovation and improvement.

*Some information is not posted to the dashboard for reasons of privacy and security.

Current MPS District Initiatives

MPS’s previous Strategic Plan included the following District Initiatives: 

  • Ambitious Instruction
  • Customer Service 
  • M-Cubed 

Previous Strategic Plans

Milwaukee Public Schools began work to update the district’s strategic plan in late 2012 with a series of public meetings that allowed facilitators to collect input from our staff, students and members of our community. This inclusive process has continued with a series of updates, surveys and outreach sessions in the district. Feedback collected in person and online was carefully reviewed and used in the process to update the district’s strategic plan. 

The key elements of the strategic plan of Milwaukee Public Schools – the mission, vision, core beliefs and goals – were updated to incorporate feedback received in public meetings, parent and student gatherings, and our online surveys. 

At its February 2014 meeting, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors unanimously approved updates to key elements that are the basis for an updated districtwide strategic plan. The current key elements are as follows: 

Mission Statement

Milwaukee Public Schools is a diverse district that welcomes all students and prepares them for success in higher education, post-educational opportunities, work, and citizenship. 

Vision Statement

Milwaukee Public Schools will be among the highest-student-growth school systems in the country. All district staff will be committed to providing an equitable educational environment that is child-centered, supports achievement, and respects and embraces diversity. Schools will be safe, welcoming, well-maintained, and accessible community centers that meet the needs of all. Relevant, rigorous, and successful instructional programs will be recognized and replicated. The district and its schools will collaborate with students, families, and community for the benefit of all. 

Core Beliefs

  1. Students come first. 
  2. Wherever students are learning is the most important place in the district. 
  3. Educators and school staffs have high expectations for all students and provide the foundation for their academic success. 
  4. Leadership, educator development, and child-driven, data-informed decision making are keys to student achievement. 
  5. Equity drives all district decision making. 
  6. Involved families are integral to increasing student achievement. 
  7. Student voice is encouraged and respected. 
  8. Quality community partnerships add value. 
  9. Increased operational and financial efficiencies are consistently pursued to support learning opportunities for our students. 
  10. Central Services supports student achievement, efficient and effective operations, and student, family, and community engagement. 
  11. Public education provides the cornerstone of American democracy. 


  • Academic achievement 
  • Student, family, and community engagement 
  • Effective and efficient operations 
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