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Data Visualization

We are all inundated with data more than ever, and effectively visualizing data can lead to better communication and understanding of data. Information available here can serve as resources in order to more effectively communicate data.

For example, the chart below, designed by a staff member from Research and Evaluation, shows hypothetical suspension data for a series of schools compared to the district rate. The focus point of this chart was to show how each of the schools compares to the district average (which will vary due to the grade levels of each school). 

In the first chart (AKA "the before"), it is difficult to determine how schools are performing compared to the district average. 


After discussion, the chart was modified to make it clear that the difference between the district average and each school was the main point that the presenter wanted to get across. 

Now, looking at the chart below (AKA "the after"), it is easier to see the difference between each school and the district. 


Another option is to add a benchmark line, which for this chart, shows the district average. 

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