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About Us

Research & Evaluation Vision 

Our vision is to make Milwaukee Public Schools a leader in urban educational research, leading the highest quality research and evaluation work. Our efforts will help promote research-based practices and make district decision-making more effective, efficient and accountable, ultimately leading MPS to be among the highest-performing urban public school districts in the country.


Research & Evaluation Mission

Our mission is to lead high-quality and innovative research and evaluation that will positively impact the district’s development. Toward that goal, we will:

  • Focus on research that leads to improved student outcomes in MPS
  • Serve as a front-line resource to support informed decision-making by district and school staff
  • Actively support district and school staff, as well as outside researchers, in the completion and implementation of research
  • Foster collaboration between MPS departments and among research institutions
  • Promote innovative practices to best serve students, staff and the community
  • Maintain the highest level of ethical and professional integrity

Contact Information

Research and Evaluation
5225 W. Vliet Street
P.O. Box 2181
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Phone: 414-475-8520
Fax: 414-475-8481

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