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District #3 -- Sequanna Taylor

Sequanna TaylorSequanna Taylor,  who was first elected in April 2019, is a native of Milwaukee and a proud mother of four. As a graduate, an employee, and a parent of MPS students, Sequanna has a vested interest in the present and future of Milwaukee Public Schools. Sequanna has a true passion for her community and has been a strong advocate for public education throughout the last decade on the local, state, and national levels. She has served as a parent engagement specialist in MPS, on the board of directors of the National Education Association, as a state board leader on the Wisconsin Education Association Council, as President of the Milwaukee Educational Assistant Association, and as a member on the Executive Board of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association. She also was the Milwaukee County Supervisor for District 3.

Sequanna believes that every student should have the opportunity of a great public school, regardless of ZIP code. Sequanna believes in "our babies"and is determined to see them succeed.

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