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District #3 -- Darryl L. Jackson

Darryl L JacksonDarryl L. Jackson, who was first elected in April 2023, is a proud MPS graduate of Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School, graduated with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Sciences from Anthem College, and is a lifelong resident of the City of Milwaukee. He is a loving father, brother, and son, of a single Mother, and is also honored to be a mentor, an experienced student instructor, a dedicated community servant-leader, and a highly successful business investor & owner. Darryl has an extensive background in business finance and real estate development (both commercial & residential) and construction  but also in financial literacy, addressing economic disparities, and utilizing the Arts & Humanities to highlight and celebrate the strength of cultural inclusion & diversity.


As a social justice worker, and life coach & advisor, one of Darryl’s greatest passions is working with/for students to empower them with reflections of the greatness already within. He takes pride in leading youth and adult workshops, hosting poetry & various speaking engagements, participating in re-entry/ex-offender programs, and co-facilitating Community Building Milwaukee workshops & trainings with numerous faith-based organizations, schools, neighborhood centers, businesses, a multitude of other institutions. Darryl sits on several boards, such as Riverworks Development Corp. He works with The Fatherhood Initiative  and is also a part of men against domestic violence with ASHA family services and Community Advocates. His primary objective is to echo the importance of commitment, discipline, patience, and above all, unity.


Darryl hopes to see to fruition the ideas brought forth by concerned parents, teachers & citizens.


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