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District #1 -- Marva Herndon (President)

Marva Herndon, District 1Marva Herndon, who was first elected in April 2019, is a graduate of West Division High School (MHSA), has enjoyed a 25-year career as a computer programmer, and changed careers after retiring from Harley Davidson in 2009. She and her husband, Carl, are parents of four daughters, all MPS graduates. Their grandchildren who reside in Milwaukee either are MPS graduates or are currently enrolled in MPS.

A 40-year resident of District 1, Marva has served as a community advocate, founding the Bryant Heights Neighborhood in 2001 and remains its President. Over the past 10 years, Marva has become well known in the public education community throughout Wisconsin for her research and fierce commitment to public education, challenging the policies that have defunded and cut services to public schools and demanding the public schools which all children deserve. In her quest for safe school facilities for children, she successfully got City of Milwaukee Ordinance 252-77 passed in September 2012 requiring all schools to have their own playgrounds or easy access to existing playgrounds.

Marva has received numerous awards for her services: She is a two-time recipient of the City of Milwaukee’s “Unsung Hero Award,” “Friend of Public Education” award from the MTEA, and “Outstanding Leadership” award from the Milwaukee Police Department, District 4. Marva is very active in numerous community organizations. She is currently a member of the NAACP (Education Committee), Women Informed, School & Communities United, Educators Amplified Radio Team, and Wisconsin Public Education Network.

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