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Information about MPS teachers is largely broken up into two independent categories: experience and education. A teacher’s experience includes any experience in education.  Experience may or may not be as a teacher and includes all time through the reported school year. The degree is the highest degree attained by the teacher regardless of qualifications used on the job. The degree may or may not be in teaching or an education-related field.

The graph compares the percentage of MPS teachers with at least five years of experience to the state average.  As the graph shows, the district has approximately 7.7% less teachers with at least five years of experience than the state average. This is accredited to the large number of MPS teachers that have reached retirement age that the district is replacing with much younger licensed professionals.

The illustration above shows a comparison between the district and state average for teachers who hold master degrees or higher.  As illustrated, the gap between the MPS and the state average has been widening over the last five years. Again, this is accredited to the large number of younger licensed professionals entering MPS. Additionally, MPS offers financial support for teachers to earn additional credits and degrees.

*Note: Data from DPI Website



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