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MPS is currently the largest school district in the state of Wisconsin with a student enrollment that exceeded 77,000 in FY15. As shown on the MPS Student Enrollment graph, the District's total enrollment has been decreasing approximately 1,000 students per year. Declining enrollment is accredited to both a decline in the number of school-aged children in the City of Milwaukee as well as a growing number of external options for education. In fact, the number of school-aged children in Milwaukee has dropped more than 10,000, since 2006.  Moreover, the number of external options for education has grown considerably over the past few years, primarily due to continues change in legislation. These changes in legislation have considerably increased the number of schools involved in the choice program as well as the number of independent charter schools operated by both the City and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

As illustrated, Student Enrollment by Ethnicity indicates that the majority of the Districts declining enrollment is attributed to African Americans students opting for alternative methods of education.  Hispanic and Asian students remained fairly consistent over the past five years.

Student Enrollment by Ethnicity percentage shows that despite the declining enrollment of African American students, the Districts ethnic diversity has remained largely unchanged. 

Student Enrollment by School Type graph indicates that the majority of the Districts declining enrollment is due to students opting for alternative sources of education upon completion of elementary school. The decline in middle school students is accredited to the District closing of middle schools during this five-year period in favor of K-8 schools.

Student by Grade Level graph indicates that the Districts largest enrollment drop is attributed to high school level students opting for alternative sources of education.

The graph shows that special education enrollment is divided into three different categories.  Learning disabilities (Min, Mod, & Comp) makes up the majority of the special education enrollment.  When comparing total special education enrollment to overall total enrollment, special education students represent 20.5% of overall total enrollment in FY14.

The graph above indicates that the majority of District’s students received free lunch.  In FY15, 52,856 students (68%) received free lunch, 2,705 students (4%) received reduce lunch, and 21,830 students (28%) either paid full price for lunch or brought their own lunch.

The table above illustrates the District enrollment by programs for the past five years.  The majority of the enrollment was in Traditional & Instrumentality Charters follows by Non-Instrumentality Charters and Partnership.

*Note: Data from 3rd Friday Enrollment and CAFR



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