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District Contracts

As outlined in MPS Board Governance Policy 3.01, the Office of Accountability and Efficiency is responsible for enhancing transparency and for ensuring compliance with contracts.

  • Blanket ContractsOAE’s Accountability and Efficiency Services posts blanket contracts at the end of each month to increase transparency to the public.
  • Contract PostingOAE’s Accountability and Efficiency Services posts contracts that exceed $50,000 annually to increase transparency to the public.
  • Tabulations and Awards - View tabulations and awards of BIDS and RFPs issued by MPS as posted by the MPS Department of Procurement and Risk Management.
  • Contract ComplianceOAE’s Compliance Services (CCS) assigns, monitors, and reports HUB, COIN and Student Engagement performance requirements.

View Board Governance Policy 3.01, Board-appointed Officials.


Office of Accountability & Efficiency
5225 W. Vliet Street Room 216
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Phone: 414-475-8925

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