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Report Alleged Fraud, Waste or Abuse

Audit Services offers a Fraud Hotline that provides employees, citizens, and other interested individuals the means to confidentially and anonymously report suspected instances of fraud, waste, or abuse of MPS resources.

Anyone may use the fraud hotline to report information involving:

  • Inefficient operations
  • Financial fraud or waste
  • Incidents of student testing or grade reporting fraud
  • Payroll or vendor fraud
  • Ideas for improving efficiency and/or effectiveness of services

Reports to the hotline are investigated by Audit Services staff who will work with the Office of Accountability and Efficiency and the Administration to ensure that the matter is addressed appropriately.

To report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse fill out the form below.  Reports may also be made by writing to the Office of Accountability and Efficiency - Audit Services, Room 266, P.O. Box 2181, Milwaukee, WI 53201 or by calling the Audit Services Fraud Hotline at 414-777-7878.

A report on the investigations of suspected fraud, waste, and abuse is published each year.  

Audit Services Staff

Fraud Hotline: 414-777-7878


Paul E. Geib, Performance Audit Manager
Phone: 414-475-8314

Michael J. Lieske, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8501

Yusaid Moua, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8832

Laiho Leong Ho, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8234

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