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Accountability and Efficiency Services

Accountability and Efficiency Services aims to enhance transparency, oversight, efficiency, and accountability of MPS operations.

Using a project management approach, Accountability and Efficiency Services:

  • analyzes fiscal and budgetary policies and assures a system of adequate internal controls that allow safeguarding of assets and accurate financial reporting;
  • develops guidelines to ensure follow-up on findings and recommendations;
  • develops and publishes information to enhance public understanding and transparency of MPS fiscal and policy functions;
  • analyzes Board and committee agenda items; and
  • forecasts system-wide financials on an annual basis.

Accountability and Efficiency Services also manages various research and data analysis projects to enhance district transparency and implements various process improvement projects to increase district operational efficiency:


Accountability & Efficiency Services
Senior Director: Matthew Chason
Manager: OAE
Phone: 414-475-8925
Location: Central Services, Room 216

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