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Student Employment

Company Information

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Company Address

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Student Position Information

Contract Number:           MPS Project Name or RFP:


MPS project location/project name

Student Employment Project Hour Requirement

Location of Student Employment Position

Length of Project:

Projected Start Date

Projected End Date

Length of Employment:

Projected Start Date

Projected End Date

Days/Hours of Student Employment Position

*Hourly Rate of Pay

Will the location of this position be on a bus line?

(Students are not required to have a driver's license to participate in this program).

*MPS has a Livable Wage policy that requires anyone having a contract with MPS must pay all of their employees the livable wage rate in accordance with City of Milwaukee Ordinance 310-13. The current livable wage rate can be found at the City of Milwaukee website here.

Please give a description of the student employment position.

Will there be any lifting required for this position?

  ( Yes )  (No)

If yes indicate amount in pounds:  

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