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Contract Compliance Services

The Department of Contract Compliance Services provides coordination and oversight of the District’s supplier diversity efforts and workforce programs affecting constituents and students. CCS is responsible for the assignment, monitoring, and enforcement of contractor and vendor participation requirements for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), Communities In Need (COIN), and Student Engagement Program assignments on MPS contracts and purchases where applicable.

In educating the youth of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is also a primary employer and purchaser of goods and services in the Milwaukee marketplace; therefore, it is obligated to display, in its own operations, the excellence, diversity, and economic responsibility which is part of the MPS educational mandate. The preservation and expansion of free competition is basic to maintaining and strengthening the overall economy of the metropolitan Milwaukee community.

Contract Compliance Services covers the following areas:


Contract Compliance Services
Senior Director: Matthew Chason
Manager: Jiquinna Cohen
Phone: 414-438-3622
Fax: 414-438-3662
Location: MPS School Support Center, Room 204

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