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Charter School Documents

Milwaukee Public Schools Audit Services per request by District Administration provides the following documents to be utilized by external auditors. The external auditors prepare financial and performance audits for the MPS Non-Instrumentality Charter (NIC) and Instrumentality Charter (IC) Schools that contract for these services. All the NIC and IC charter schools are required to follow the requirements that are indicated in their school contracts.

Below are the minimum requirements that each NIC and IC charter school external auditor should follow. If you have any additional questions regarding any of the information please contact Paul Geib, Performance Audit Manager.

Click on the links below to access the documents:

Audit Services Staff

Phone: 414-475-8262
Fax: 414-475-8072
Fraud Hotline: 414-777-7878


Board Clerk / Chief Officer, Office of Board Governance
Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D.

Paul E. Geib, Performance Audit Manager
Phone: 414-475-8314

Alberto Adame,  Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8229

Carlos T. "Tom" de Arteaga, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8234

Nita F. Farrow, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8831

Michael J. Lieske, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8501

Yusaid Moua, Performance Auditor II
Phone: 414-475-8832


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