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Audit Reports

Audits are listed by fiscal year (i.e., July 1 through June 30).

Audits are conducted in accordance with the Annual Audit Plan, which is approved by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors.

Audit Services performs different types of audits, depending on the type of school or program. Generally, Audit Services staff will audit:

  • Alternative and early childhood partnership schools - for compliance with Board policy and contract provisions and appropriate use of financial resources.
  • Charter schools - to opine on the fairness of the school's schedule of revenues and expenses as well as compliance with the performance, administrative, and fiscal provisions of the school's contract.
  • Traditional schools - to assess the reliability of the schools internal control over the student activity fund, fixed assets, payroll exception reporting. Compliance with Fire Drill, Student Attendance procedures, and Textbook Managment procedures are also reviewed.
  • Schools that have a new principal - to help the principal determine the financial condition of the school.
  • Schools that are closing - to assist the Administration with close-out activites at the school.
  • Programs within the district - according to a cyclic schedule, and when requested.

Audit Services will also conduct special audits on an as needed basis.

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Audit Services Staff

Phone: 414-475-8262
Fax: 414-475-8072
Fraud Hotline: 414-777-7878


Board Clerk / Chief Officer, Office of Board Governance
Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D.

Paul E. Geib, Performance Audit Manager
Phone: 414-475-8314

Carlos T. "Tom" de Arteaga, Performance Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8234

Nita F. Farrow, Performance Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8831

Michael J. Lieske, Performance Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8501

Alberto Adame,  Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8229

Yusaid Moua, Auditor
Phone: 414-475-8832

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